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About Us

    2015 LCHRA Board Members

    LCHRA’s mission is to advance the HR profession by providing education, training, resources, and networking


    2016 EXCEL Award Initiatives 

    Goal:  Gold or Platinum Status

    1. Strengthen Partnerships With Local Businesses – Grants

      1. Provide Two (2) Grants to Employers for Professional Development

      2. Timeline:  10/01/16

      3. Responsible:  Board Committee (Pam Macki, Michele Swift……)

    2. HR After Hours – “Young Professionals”

      1. Establish quarterly social events (one of them focused on volunteering in the community / serving food)

      2. Timeline:  12/31/16

      3. Responsible: Board Committee (Shawna Gribskov, Amanda Burchard, Jackie Jamison)

    3. Collaborate with Local Business Community – WorkTrends

      1. Conduct a Joint ASSE and LCHRA seminar  

      2. Timeline:  03/31/16

      3. Responsible:  Board Committee (Dennis Carr & Annalise Burrington)

    4. Establish a Youth Involvement Initiative – Mock Interviews team

      1. Make ourselves available as a chapter to serve High School Mock Interview Events

      2. Participate as LCHRA at job fairs, community events

      3. Timeline:  11/01/16

      4. Responsible:  Membership Volunteers (Jennifer Shequin, Cheri Billard)

    5. Implement a Charitable Organization Support Program coordinated with SHRM foundation event

      1. Member Selected Organization

      2. Timeline:  12/31/16

      3. Responsible:  Board Committee (Judy Moore, Sue Slaughter-Nichols, David Collier)

     Other Goals (required) – “Chapter in good standing”

    1. 100% Board SHRM Members Submit Chapter Leader Information Form (CLIF) by 12/1/16 (for 2017 board)

    2. Provide year end financial results annually

    3. Ensure current SHRM “affiliate logo” is correctly, consistently and prominently displayed in accordance with the graphics standards manual for affiliates, including but not limited to our website, communications, meetings agenda, conference programs, signage and chapter PowerPoint templates.

    4. Submit our chapter membership roster for auditing by SHRM staff and periodically request membership report from Membership Engagement Associate (MEA) to conduct internal audit.

    5. Hold a minimum of four chapter meeting events

    6. Hold a minimum of four board meetings

      1. Review By-Laws

      2. Implement a Succession Plan

      3. Review/update strategic plan


    Recommendations for effective chapter administration

    1. LCHRA Representation at Oregon State Council Meetings

    2. Target 100%

    3. LCHRA Representation at Leadership Conference by President, Vice President (President Elect) or another board member

    4. Promote SHRM conference – Will make sure major chapter events with over 200 people are not at the same time as SHRM conference

    5. Membership “Star” Status

    6. Support SHRM Foundation by making monetary contribution directly from chapter funds by 12/31/16

    7. Chapter Champion :

    8. Encourage members to make their own donations of $25 or more

    9. Hold a Special Event for SHRM Foundation

    10. Promote SHRM Accreditation  

      1. Maintain SHRM recertification provider status

      2. Ensure all relevant programs entered into online database for professional development codes

      3. Partner with local college or university that offers SHRM learning system

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    For more information, contact 2017 LCHRA President Beth Harrison, SPHR, SHRM-SCP at:

    LCHRA's Mailing Address:

    Lane County Human Resource Assoc.
    PO Box 70711
    Springfield, Oregon 97475

    Oregon State Council
    Pacific West Region
    Chapter #168